Vor Kurzem fanden in den USA die „Midterm Elections“ statt. Damit Sie auch für diese und alle kommenden Wahlen gerüstet sind, haben wir die wichtigsten Wahl-Vokabel auf Englisch hier gesammelt.

Announce: officially tell people about something (e.g. “Have you heard? Mr Lugner has announced his candidacy for chancellorship… Again!”)

A majority: number of votes that is more than half of the total number

A round: a part of a competition

Policies: a set of ideas that a political party wants to do

Far-right: believing in extreme politics that are traditional and anti- immigration

Liberal: believing in personal freedom and sharing wealth in society

Nationalists: people that believe their country should come first

Turnout: the number of people who vote in an election

A race: a political election

General election: an election in which every adult in the country can vote for government representatives

A candidate: somebody who takes part in an election

A nominee: a person who is officially chosen to do something

Running mate: a political partner chosen for a politician who is trying to get elected

The Senate: the part of the US government responsible for making laws

Primaries: the preliminary elections in the US that decide who will be the presidential election candidates

An exit poll: an activity to ask how people voted when they leave a polling station

A seat: an official position as a member of parliament

To boycott an election: to refuse to be involved with the elections in any way because one disapproves of it

To stand for election: To officially try to be elected as a political representative

To rig the elections: to dishonestly organise an election to get a specific result. Also called an electoral fraud

A running mate: a candidate for vice president (in the US)

An election clerk: a person who assists voters during elections

A president- /prime minister elect: a person who has won a presidential election but is not yet the official president

A spin doctor: a PR specialist who tries to maintain a candidate’s positive image in the media

A presidential candidate: someone who competes in an election to become president

A supporter: someone who favours a certain candidate

Front runner: the candidate who is leading during an election

A campaign manager: the person responsible for planning a candidate’s campaign

The first lady: the wife of the president

Ballot card: the paper on which a vote is recorded

Polling station: a building, such as a school or community centre, where voting takes place during an election.

A Vote: a formal expression of opinion or choice, in response to a given decision, e.g. which chancellor to have next

Voting booth: a small, closed area in which a person stands for privacy while making a vote (American English: Polling booth)