– we perfectly understand your needs. Our back office team knows exactly how to ensure smooth training organisation according to your specific requirements. This allows you to concentrate on employee development rather than spend any of your valuable time on administrative matters.

Doris Fischer

Cooperation partner in sales management

Doris Fischer is our cooperation partner for sales management. She is characterized above all by her sympathetic interpersonal interaction. Finding, designing and supporting the best solutions for companies is her thing.

Especially for you and your company!

In line with our philosophy: We want to give our customers the language tools they need to make their day-to-day work easy and successful in the foreign language. Treating each other with respect, above all FAIR PARTNERSHIPS and the JOINT achievement of win-win situations are our top priority

Mag. Stefanie Ramforth

Training processing and back office

Stefanie Ramforth’s passion for languages ​​has accompanied her all her life, both privately and professionally. She speaks four languages ​​herself and before she came to, she had many years of experience in the field of translation, being responsible for project management and quality assurance, as well as in the advancement of women.

For she oversees the internal training process and supports in the back office area.