MMag. Wolfgang Reis

Teaching secondary school and university students as well as adults from different industries both in Austria and abroad has given me the chance to gather comprehensive didactic experience. For this reason, I wholeheartedly embraced the opportunity to join the general management of a renowned language institute. In this position, I can draw on my profound interest in teaching, languages and foreign cultures.

In addition, I held management positions in both small Austrian companies and global players throughout many years of my career. Studying foreign languages and cultures has always fascinated me both for professional reasons and out of private interest.

I am your contact for advice & support, co-operation and customer care. I am happy to find the ideal solution for your specific training requirements.

Mag. Nikola Grill

Already at a rather early stage in life, I discovered my passion for foreign languages and cultures. So it was the obvious choice for me to study languages at university. After graduating in Romance and German studies and gaining my first professional experience in the field of tourism, I changed into adult education some 20 years ago and at the end of the 1990s founded the language institute. Finally, my dream had come true.

Since that time I have always been striving to achieve the following objectives: develop and organise tailor-made, high-quality training programmes together with our trainers as well as promote our institute and gear it to the ever changing requirements of a fast-paced market.

I am your contact for all didactic matters (trainer selection and course organisation), for translation and interpretation services as well as for financial matters.