Andere Kulturen

In order to succeed internationally, you need to be able to navigate different cultural terrains and know international business etiquette to understand your international customers, partners and employees – not only their language, but also their culture, manners and attitudes. training courses will help you avoid misunderstandings and conflicts and improve the quality of cooperation.

Working in intercultural teams

  • What characterises a team in an international context?
  • How do I handle customers with a different cultural background?
  • How do management styles differ between cultures?
  • Efficient management of multinational Teams
  • Successful teambuilding across different countries and cultures

Country-specific topics

  • How to define culture; own culture vs. other cultures – self-reflection
  • Critical analysis of how culture affects one’s behaviour
  • How to handle and dismantle stereotypes
  • Definition of cultural standards through specific case studies
  • General information about the respective business locations
  • The influence of culture on management styles